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Partnering with EazyStock: Insights on building a successful EazyStock practice

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What is it like being a partner to an inventory optimization ISV?

How do you get that first customer?

Why should I add an inventory optimization solution to my portfolio?

Get the answers to these questions and more in our on-demand webinar "Partnering with EazyStock: Insights on Building a Successful EazyStock Practice", which features a panel of our partners from two of our most successful EazyStock solution partners: SucceedIT and Zedcom.

We interviewed three representatives with different titles and perspectives from two of our partners to get you the answers you need to successfully add EazyStock to your portfolio.


  • Daniel Fredholm, Business Consultant at Zedcom
  • Martin Plaat, Owner at SucceedIT
  • Richard Amama, Sales Manager at SucceedIT

Hear firsthand how SucceedIT and Zedcom began their partnerships with EazyStock, signed and implemented that first customer, why they chose our tool and their thoughts on partnering with EazyStock.

Interested in adding EazyStock as a partner? Check out your options on our website or contact EazyStock’s Channel Manager Cheryl at cheryl.morrow@eazystock.com.

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